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Here are my pictures. (To find the most recent ones, scroll down!)

A pic of Lauren and I from '98 (I'm on the right)

A pic of Jackie and I from more than a couple of years ago

My grade 8 graduation picture

A group of us at the graduation party. (L-R: Lindsay, Ben, Sarah, Sean, Amanda, Derek, Erica, David, Rachel, Jackie, May, Lauren, Me, Austin and Mark)

My Birthday! (L-R: Austin, Peter, Rachel, Lauren, Mark, Darcy, Me, Sarah, May, Lindsay, Jordan, and Jordi)

Here's a recent picture of me

This is me with my curly hair

Holly and I

Me and a friend George

Me, Ashley and Lauren

Me and Kim

This is a picture of Jackie Kim and I in New York City

This is me and my best friend Jamie

This is me all dressed up for a Sweet 16

A group of us taking pictures before our semi-formal. (L-R: Lindsey, Julie, Lonna, Janice, Rokhsareh, and me)

The second shot of us before semi. (L-R: Ryan's date, Ryan S, Lindsey, Ryan P, Janice, John, Rokhsareh, Lonna, Rob, Me, Drake, Katie, Dan, Erica, Eitan, Julie, Jon)

Me and my loving boyfriend Eitan

Here's me and my best friend Jamie and our semi-formal 2000

Here's Julie, Me, Roxy, Melissa, and Ashley

Me, Jamie and Meaghan

Here I am with my cute girl Lindsey!

Me and Eitan

Half of the group (L-R: Julia, Brad, Andrew C, Andrew U, Julie, Meaghan, Lindsey, Me, Lauren)

My one year Anniversary picture with Eitan

This is me and Eitan at the mall

Us again

Eitan and I at school

This is me at the bar in Cuba

My 17th Birthday

Me dressed to celebrate my birthday

Brad Pitt!!!: