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This is a tribute page to all of my closer friends. It's still under construction, but I'm working on it!!

Jamie Me and Meaghan

Kim B and Meaghan

Lauren Me and Meaghan

Kim B and Jackie

Me and my boyfriend Eitan

Lindsey and Eitan

Lili and Andrew E

Lili, Jackie, Julia and Me


Jamie joking around

Eitan and I on our 6 Month Anniversary

A picture on Robyn's birthday, from L-R:
The limo driver, Julia, Lauren, Jackie, Robyn, Me, Lili

Andrew C and I

Jamie, Me, and Meaghan

George and I

Me and Kim

Jackie Kim and I

Me and Jamie

My cutie Eitan

Me and Jackie

Meaghan and Me

The group celebrating my 16th Birthday
Top L-R: Me, Kim, Jamie, Jessica, Meaghan. Bottom L-R: Jackie, Robyn, Julia.

Jackie and Kim B

Jamie and Me at Semi '00

The boys at Semi (L-R: Eitan, Jon, Andrew U, Andrew C, and Taylor below)

Jamie and Meaghan

Here is Me, Jamie and Meg

A big group (L-R: Julia, Brad, Andrew C, Andrew U, Julie, Meaghan, Lindsey, Me, and Lauren)

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