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Welcome   to   my   page!

Gee, thanks for stopping by! Its not too much yet, cause I really dont have much to say about myself! : ) My name is Kim, and I was born on July 16th, 1984. I LOVE Brad Pitt! Janet Jackson is my idol.
My favourite actors/actresses are Brad Pitt, Jared Leto, Keri Russell, and Claire Danes. I love music by way too many people, but Janet Jackson, Bon Jovi, Fiona Apple, Marilyn Manson, Matchbox 20, Jewel, Counting Crows, Chantal Kreviazuk, Jessica Simpson and Fugees come to mind. My favourite TV shows are Felicity, Dawson's Creek, Friends, and Passions. My all time favourite movies are A League Of Their Own, Can't Hardly Wait, Sleepers, 12 Monkeys, She Fought Alone, Beaches, Center Stage, Indian Summer, Pretty Women, and Armageddon.

I just put up a new page for my closer friends, so if you guys come by and you want to have a certain picture up there then send it to me.

I go on IRC sometimes, and you can catch me as Kim (usually) at this server: Port 6667
Email me anytime at

I have the cutest dog in the world, Tiffany! She's one of my favourite things in the world. I know I am boring whom ever is reading this, so I will just stop, heh... LIKE MY GOGGY? : )

You are vister at my page!

MY CAR!!!!!!!!!


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My pics:
My FRIENDS page.. (under construction!!!):
My Brad Pitt Page:
My Rick page:
My Jared Leto site:
My Janet Jackson Page:
My friend Kurt's page:
A FAV SONG!: The midi of With Or Without You by U2.
ANOTHER FAV SONG!: The midi of Runaway Train by Soul Asylum.
One of my fav shows. My So-Called Life!:
Brad Pitt's Official Site!:
An AWESOME Brad Pitt Chatboard!:
Marilyn Manson's Official Site:
Janet Jackson's Official Site:
Felicity:Another favourite show. Felicity!
The Keri Russell Home Page
The Passions website!:
Gustaf's Aqua Site: It's even got a cool chat!
Download mIRC here:
#Chatzone:Check out the channel's page!
Modem's IRC page:Brad's IRC page!
Pinkmonkey's Brad Pitt Haven:Over 300 pics of Brad!
Fiona Apple's Official Site:
Balloon Boutique:Send someone (me!) virtual balloons!

Check it out, this is my friend Brandon's page. =)

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